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TEFL Masterclass – 9 Strategies to Master Motivation

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Mayra Crosthwayt – Teacher Trainer & ELT Specialist.

Mayra Crosthwayt has extensive experience as a teacher and trainer across Mexico, Latin America, and recently, Asia. She has collaborated with international publishers as a consultant and has spoken at several international educational events. She successfully managed a school for business English in Mexico City for 7 years. She is a percussionist interested in exploring Latin folk and plays several types of drums in her band.

What you will learn

Motivation is probably one of the most complex topics to address in online learning lessons these days. Keeping ourselves motivated while motivating others is now an unprecedented challenge that requires a whole new understanding of the underlying aspects of motivation.

In this workshop, we will delve deeper into the new implications of motivation in order to assign a new meaning to it and help our students thrive.

We will explore nine strategies that will help us go beyond pep-talks and have more tangible ways of keeping our students motivated. We will also benefit a lot from applying these set of strategies to ourselves in order to boost our teaching energy, and be able to spread the joy.

Workshop Summary

Introduction to Motivation in Education

The speaker introduces the concept of motivation in education, stressing its significance and the challenges in maintaining it. They highlight the importance of self-care, exemplified by the simple act of making one’s bed, as a foundational step towards nurturing motivation. The speaker argues that understanding and leveraging one’s talents and abilities are crucial for fuelling motivation, which is intrinsically linked to one’s purpose and self-discovery.

Strategies for Enhancing Motivation

A multifaceted approach to motivation is outlined, incorporating the satisfaction of basic needs as outlined in Maslow’s Hierarchy, and the reevaluation of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. The speaker advocates for a shift in perception regarding motivation, suggesting that educators should foster environments that encourage belonging, respect, and self-esteem, thereby facilitating students’ journey towards self-actualization.

Revisiting and Reevaluating Motivational Concepts

The speaker encourages a rethinking of conventional motivational strategies, introducing the concept of reverse thinking to gain fresh insights and encourage resilience through learning from failures. Additionally, they emphasise the importance of competency-based planning, integrating students’ existing skills and experiences into learning, thereby boosting their confidence and sense of competence.

Systematising Goals for Sustained Motivation

The transition from goal-setting to creating systems that support goal achievement is discussed as a method for making motivation more manageable and consistent. By systematising processes, educators can provide students with tangible steps towards achieving their objectives, thereby embedding motivation into the fabric of daily learning activities.

Conclusion on Fostering Motivation

In conclusion, the speaker summarises the workshop’s main points, stressing that motivating students requires a comprehensive strategy that includes understanding their basic needs, leveraging different types of motivation, employing innovative thinking, and focusing on their competencies. By adopting these strategies, educators can inspire and support their students more effectively, promoting an environment of growth, resilience, and continuous learning.

Reflective Questions

Have a quick think about the reflective questions below in order to get the most out of the workshop:

  1. What does motivation look like for you and your students at this moment?
  2. How do you think motivation needs to change considering our present context?
  3. What advice would you give to a fellow teacher regarding motivation?

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