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24 May 2024

16:00 UK Time

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Teaching Summer School Young Learners

Presented by Suzanne Brown

Teacher Trainer, Managing Director @BLISS

Young Learners in a summer school are totally different to the Young Learners we have year round in our classes. Rightly, you might ask why that should be as they are the same students that are coming from the classes to the summer schools? And while that is correct, the variables are different – the environment, the teachers, the classmates, the methods, to name only a few of the differences we will take a deep dive into.

So, Welcome to the world of summer school where we will look at everything from a teacher’s point of view, establish some useful tools, hints and tricks to keep up your sleeve. We will examine the pitfalls and how to avoid them as well as maintaining our students and providing all the support they need.

Summer schools are marvelous and wonderful things that create lifelong memories and friendships, and we the teachers, are instrumental to that magic – lets get it right first time.

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TEFL Masterclass – The Power Of Prediction

TEFL Masterclass – The Power Of Prediction

In this TEFL workshop, Steve Tulk will explain how and why prediction increases student success and confidence, with ideas for adding a prediction stage and for teaching the subskill itself.

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Find out about what duty of care adults have when working with students in the UK and what to do if a safeguarding situation should arise.

£25 • 20 hrs

As a fluent speaker of the language, it is only natural to you to be grammatically correct, but do you think you could explain certain elements of English grammar to a learner?