Practical Teaching Skills


The Practical Teaching Skills Course is designed for educators looking to translate their theoretical knowledge into actionable classroom skills. It offers a unique opportunity for teachers to gain hands-on experience in real teaching scenarios, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The course aims to provide participants with the insights, strategies, and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic classroom environment.

What You’ll Learn

Participants will engage in six hours of observed teaching practice, stepping into actual classroom situations under the guidance of experienced tutors. The course is structured to progressively challenge teachers, starting with a diagnostic observation and moving through increasingly complex assessment criteria. With a mix of five observations of both novice and experienced teachers, the course offers clear guidance on conducting peer observations to maximize learning outcomes. Support comes in the form of dedicated personal tutors, weekly focus groups, and three personalized tutorials, supplemented by comprehensive resources and an AI TEFL-trained trainer for continuous TEFL-related support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be doing this course?

This course is ideally suited for new teachers aiming to fulfill the initial 6 hours of teaching practice, a common requirement for employment at British Council accredited English language schools. It’s also highly beneficial for teachers seeking to enhance their teaching abilities through observed feedback.

What exactly will I learn in the Practical Teaching Skills Course?

In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively apply theoretical teaching knowledge in real classroom settings. This includes hands-on teaching practices, developing and adapting lesson materials, and integrating feedback into your teaching strategies. The course is structured to help you gain firsthand insights and build confidence to excel in various teaching environments.

How does the observed teaching practice work?

You will participate in six hours of observed teaching practice, starting with a diagnostic observation to assess your current skills. Subsequent sessions increase in complexity, challenging you to refine your teaching methods. Except for the final observation assessment, all teaching practices include detailed oral and written feedback from your tutors to guide your improvement.

Do I receive a certificate after completion?

Yes, after completing this course you will receive a digital CPD certificate issued by Gallery Teachers. If you like to receive a Full TEFL certificate, see the TEFL certificate upgrade options.

Who will support me throughout the course?

You will be supported by dedicated personal tutors and have access to an AI TEFL-trained trainer. Personal tutors provide individualised feedback and guidance, while the AI trainer provides 24/7 support and interaction for you to bounce ideas around and reflect on teaching related problems. Support mechanisms also include weekly focus groups and three personalised tutorials scheduled at different course stages.

How is the course assessed?

Assessment is continuous, focusing on your teaching practice and reflections on observed lessons. Criteria evolve to match the course’s developmental nature, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your progress. The final teaching practice (TP6) is your ultimate assessment, determining your eligibility for the GT certificate upon course completion.

What resources are available to help me plan and deliver lessons?

The course provides extensive resources, including templates, guidelines, checklists, and lesson planning advice. These are designed to support your teaching practice preparation and enhance your ability to deliver effective English lessons.

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or £288 if you opt for the Level 5 TEFL Upgrade option with certificate

TEFL Knowledge Required

This is an advanced module, you must have prior TEFL knowledge or certification before teaching practice

100% Online

6 hrs of Teaching Practice

65 Hours of Guided Learning

Including time for lesson preparation, teaching practice sessions and observation feedback

School Partnership

We can work with schools to provide TP and an observation platform contact us for details 

Updated: 04/04/2024

This course is for certified professional development. If you require a TEFL certificate, choose the Level 5 Upgrade option

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