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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ofqual Regulated Qualification?

Regulated qualifications from a reputable provider give you the extra assurance that your achievement is real and authoritative. It is especially useful if you are seeking employment in the UK, or wish to study further in a higher education institution.

Which Course should I choose?

All our TEFL courses have extensive material to ensure you are well-prepared for the classroom. Generally speaking, A level 3 course is enough to get you holiday and online jobs. While level 5 is better suited for those looking for longer term work opportunities.

Have a question? Ask our friendly team of course advisors.

What is the course entry requirement?

This initial-level teaching qualification is for anyone 18 or older aiming to start a career in English teaching, with or without a degree. Ideal for gap-year students, career-changers, or those relocating abroad, our TEFL course provides the essential foundation for building teaching experience.

What is the pass rate?

Our pass rate is 99% thanks to unlimited retakes and one-year access to study materials. There is a small retake exam fee of £10 for non-Ofqual courses, while the retake exam fee for level 3 and level 5 Ofqual-regulated courses are £80 and £140 respectively.

How do I enrol on the course?

You can register and start the course at any time by clicking on the Start Now button. Follow the payment process until you have completed your purchase. The course can then be found in the Account section which you can progress to immediately.

What do I need to start?

You probably have everything to start. The course works on any computer or smart device, anywhere in the world. For the best learning, we recommend a stable internet connection and a webcam for meetings and webinars.

What would I receive when I complete the course?

On completing the course, you'll receive a Gallery Teachers™ certificate with a unique verification number. For TELC™ dual-accredited Ofqual-regulated courses, candidates get a joint certificate from Gallery Teachers™ and TELC™. We can also provide notarization service if needed. A free embossed hard copy of the certificate can be requested and collected or mailed globally at standard shipping rate.

What is the difference between Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL Courses?

The difference between Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL courses lies in the depth and breadth of the training offered, although both courses are suitable for beginners. Level 3 TEFL courses offer foundational training, equipping you with the essential skills and knowledge needed for teaching English both online and abroad. These courses are great for entry-level teaching positions and are generally shorter in duration.

In contrast, Level 5 TEFL courses provide advanced, comprehensive training, making them ideal for those aiming to teach in native English-speaking countries. A Level 5 course is on par with CELTA in terms of the quality and depth of training provided. Moreover, Level 5 courses that include practical teaching experience are often considered equivalent to CELTA. Therefore, your choice between Level 3 and Level 5 will largely depend on your specific teaching aspirations, including the locations where you wish to teach and the types of positions you are targeting.

What happens when I upgrade my course?

If an option to upgrade your course is available, it will be displayed on the course fee page. Upon completing the payment for the upgrade, you'll gain immediate access to the additional materials included in the higher-level course package. You will also receive a one-year extension on your existing course. Please be aware that once an upgrade is processed, downgrading or cancelling the course is not an option.

How do I know if a course is Ofqual regulated?

The certificate you will receive on completion of our Advanced Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL Courses will contain the UK Regulator’s (Ofqual) logo along with the full qualification title and qualification number.

Some of the TEFL courses you find online are not regulated despite promoting as one. While some claim “endorsed” by an Ofqual-regulated organisation, this is not the same as being regulated.

You can check for Gallery Teachers or other providers on the Ofqual Registers, if you can’t find it, then chances are the course is not regulated.

How does GTEFL compare with other providers?

Unlike many TEFL courses that provide disorganised PDFs and lack live instruction, GTEFL offers an all-encompassing, accredited curriculum taught by expert trainers. Powered by Gallery Teachers, a well-regarded name in the EFL sector, a certificate from us holds considerable weight with employers worldwide. We also offer dual-accredited Ofqual and TELC courses, supplementing your qualification for added recognition in the UK and EU. Coupled with live webinars, multimedia resources, and continuous tutor support, we deliver a thorough educational experience designed for your TEFL success.

What is the Language Awareness and Grammar Course?

Our TEFL Certificate includes a 20-hour Language Awareness & Grammar Course. This preps you on key grammar rules and terms, as our TEFL course focuses on teaching methods, not explicit grammar. The grammar course serves as an ongoing reference throughout your TEFL studies, especially in the Teaching Grammar Module.

What is the Safeguarding Awareness Course?

The Safeguarding Basic Awareness Course by Gallery Teachers is a comprehensive training programme designed to educate adults working in ELT organisations about their legal 'duty of care' towards students under the age of 18. The course covers crucial topics such as Safeguarding, Child Protection, Recognising and Responding to Abuse, and the Government’s ‘Prevent’ Strategy. It is written by Nigel Heritage, a leading safeguarding consultant in the UK with over 40 years of experience. Upon completion, participants receive a digital certificate, jointly issued by Gallery Teachers™ and English UK™, validating their knowledge and competence in safeguarding within the ELT sector.

Who is TELC and why is TELC important?

Our TEFL courses are provided in partnership with telc. telc (The European Language Certificates) is a non-profit awarding body regulated by Ofqual – the UK government department responsible for qualification, examinations and assessments

telc currently offers more than 100 different examinations in 10 languages and cooperates with more than 2,500 telc partners in 30 countries worldwide.

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