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Enhance Language Learning with Warmers, Fillers and Brain Breaks

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a dynamic field that requires innovative and engaging strategies to enhance learning. One such strategy is the use of warmers, fillers, and brain breaks in the classroom. This article is inspired by the ELT Masterclass webinar titled Warmers, fillers and brain breaks to engage learners and enhance learning that Lydia Summerfield, a Delta-qualified English teacher and Academic Manager, has produced for GTEFL.

The ARC Framework

The ARC (Authentic Use, Restricted Use, and Clarification and Focus) framework is a teaching model that can be used to structure lessons in a way that promotes effective language learning. It involves crafting engaging, dynamic lessons that integrate warmers, fillers, and brain breaks to augment learning.

Warmers, Fillers, and Brain Breaks

Warmers, fillers, and brain breaks are short activities used to engage learners, fill time during a lesson, or end a lesson on a positive note. They stimulate students and foster meaningful interaction, alongside breaks that boost focus and memorization.


Warmers are activities at the start of the class to warm up the students and get their brains into ‘English mode’. They are essential in setting the tone for the rest of the class.


Fillers are activities that are used to fill gaps during the lesson. They can be used when a planned activity finishes earlier than expected or when students need a change of pace.

Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are short mental breaks taken during regular intervals during learning to help improve focus and attention. They provide students with a brief moment to recharge, reducing stress and frustration and increasing attention and productivity.


Teachers are urged to adapt and borrow ideas, reflecting on potential techniques to try or share. Resources such as the British Council website are recommended for activity inspiration. Overall, the webinar offers valuable insights and practical strategies for creating effective lessons using the ARC framework, ultimately enhancing students’ learning experiences and promoting language development.

For those interested in this topic, I invite you to watch the workshop Warmers, fillers and brain breaks to engage learners and enhance learning that Lydia Summerfield has produced for GTEFL.


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