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Christmas Activities for TEFL Teachers

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to bring some festive cheer into your English language classroom. Here are some engaging Christmas activities that can help your students improve their English skills while enjoying the spirit of the season.

Vocabulary Building: Christmas Around the World

Start by introducing Christmas vocabulary. Use flashcards with images and words such as ‘Santa Claus’, ‘reindeer’, ‘Christmas tree’, ‘gifts’, and ‘carols’. Once students are familiar with these words, discuss how Christmas is celebrated worldwide. This activity enriches students’ vocabulary and broadens their cultural understanding.

This instructional resource, for example, presents an interactive educational game designed for classroom implementation to facilitate the acquisition of Christmas-themed vocabulary. Students engage with Christmas-related items, employing strategies to enhance memorization. Encouraged as an independent practice activity at home, the game takes on a more dynamic dimension in the classroom setting. In this context, educators may introduce additional challenges, such as turn-taking on an electronic board, wherein a student nominates an item, and their peer must identify its location. The teacher imparts spatial localization skills through instructive phrases like “Top line, Middle line, Bottom line, Right, Center, Left.” Integral to the teacher’s role is the accurate repetition of pronunciation, thereby progressively elevating the exercise’s complexity in alignment with the students’ proficiency levels.

Furthermore, the pedagogical approach integrates interrogative prompts and directives, contributing to a multifaceted learning experience. Examples include inquiries like “Where is it?” and directives such as “Thank you, you can go back to your seat,” “Please call one of your classmates,” “Call someone who hasn’t participated yet,” “Summon someone from the first row,” and variations based on observable attributes, such as hairstyle or eyewear. This nuanced integration serves to deepen comprehension, foster participation, and diversify the cognitive processes involved in the learning endeavour.

Worksheets: Fun with Christmas

Worksheets are a great way to reinforce learning. Gallery Teachers offers a variety of Christmas-themed worksheets. These include games, crosswords, conversation activities, flashcards and lyrics that can be used for group activities.

TEFL Christmas Games

Games serve as engaging tools to infuse enjoyment into the language learning process, making them particularly advantageous for English as a Foreign Language Teachers. One notable benefit is the adaptability to varying English proficiency levels among students.

A fitting game for EFL classrooms is Christmas Bingo, tailored for younger students. Craft bingo cards featuring Christmas vocabulary and announce the words aloud. The first student to complete a row on their card emerges as the victor, fostering a lively and inclusive learning environment.

Charades stands out as another beloved game among students. Generate slips of paper bearing Christmas-related words or phrases. In turns, students select a slip and express the word or phrase through actions without verbalizing, prompting their peers to make guesses.

For EFL students at an A2 level, elevating the challenge can be achieved with this Christmas Trivia. Depending on their participation level, teachers can offer varying degrees of assistance, elucidating key words, explaining grammar, or providing context. Working in groups, students collaboratively decipher the questions, adding a layer of enjoyment as the correct answer isn’t always straightforward.

A more advanced exercise caters to proficient students through a series of open-ended questions. As an example, consider this exercise delving into Difficult Questions about Santa Claus. This prompts students to stretch their creative thinking, formulating and articulating responses in English, thereby enhancing both language skills and critical thinking abilities.

Creative Writing: Christmas Cards

Encourage students to write Christmas cards to their classmates. This activity allows students to practice their writing skills in a meaningful context. They can write about their Christmas wishes, favourite Christmas memories, or what they love about the holiday season.

Singing: Christmas Carols

Incorporating Christmas carols into your TEFL classroom is a delightful method for enhancing pronunciation and listening skills. Select a few well-known carols and furnish students with the lyrics. Initiate a class discussion on the meaning of the lyrics before engaging in a collective singing experience.

As is customary, song instruction can be tailored to diverse proficiency levels, encompassing approaches that focus solely on listening and repetition or incorporating supplementary worksheets elucidating the meaning of specific words.

For an enriching experience, consider utilizing various renditions of Santa Claus is Coming To Town. This version, in particular, proves valuable as it includes lyrics and choreography, aiding students in remembering words and associating them with their meanings.

Another illustrative example involves the song Jingle Bells. Provide two versions, with the initial one designed for young learners. This version features lyrics with the singer leading, followed by student repetition, culminating in a collective rendition. Once students demonstrate familiarity and proficiency, transition to the second version, which presents a more engaging challenge.

These musical activities promise to infuse joy and laughter into your TEFL classroom, fostering an environment where learning becomes an enjoyable experience for students. Remember, the essence lies in creating a positive and engaging atmosphere that encourages students to comfortably express themselves.


As we wrap up, we invite you to become a qualified English teacher by following one of our courses at GTEFL. Join us in our mission to make English language learning a fun and enriching experience.

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