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GTEFL offers accredited, high-quality TEFL certification courses designed to equip aspiring educators with the skills they need to excel. Our courses are more than just a qualification; they are a passport to a world of opportunity in English language teaching. 

Level 3 TEFL Course

Work Opportuny

UK       ★★★
World  ★★★★
Online ★★★★

Mid-level Paying Jobs

168 to 189 Hrs

Embark on your TEFL adventure with our Level 3 course. Gain essential insights and methodologies to confidently teach English. It’s an ideal choice for those aiming for introductory teaching roles, whether it’s online or in non-native English speaking nations.

Level 5 TEFL Course

Work Opportuny

UK       ★★★★★
World  ★★★★★
Online ★★★★★

Highest Paying Jobs

250 to 300 Hrs

Elevate your teaching skills with our Level 5 TEFL course. Dive deeper into the intricacies of English language teaching. Comparable to the CELTA, our internationally recognised qualifications paves the way for advanced teaching opportunities in English-majority countries.

The Ultimate TEFL Teacher’s Toolkit

Join our PRO membership and transform your TEFL teaching journey into an immersive, rewarding experience that extends beyond CPD, training and resources, providing you with the ultimate toolkit for TEFL success.

Refresh Your TEFL Knowledge

Complete 11 Core Modules to refresh your foundational TEFL knowledge and receive an official Gallery Teachers TEFL certificate.

Safeguarding Course

An annually updated safeguarding course is included in the membership, helping you and your organisation to safeguard students.

Live TEFL Masterclass Webinar

Join monthly live TEFL masterclass workshops and watch Q&A recordings to continually sharpen your skills and enhance your TEFL expertise.

Workshop Library for English Teachers

Unlimited access to 100+ certified TEFL Workshops designed to continually sharpen your skills and enhance your TEFL expertise.

AI TEFL Expert

Powered by the state-of-the-art GPT-4, our specially trained TEFL AI is ready to assist you with any tasks you require. 

Downloadable PDF

Access downloadable PRO member-only downloadable resources designed to support and enhance your TEFL teaching.

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