Vocabulary Resources

Broaden EFL students vocabulary with activities encouraging active language acquisition

Guess Who

Bingo fruit

Problem-Solving: The Restaurant

Shopping List

Find the adverbs

Recycling Waste

Bingo jobs

Emotions matching game

Synonyms in English (3)

Bingo weather

What’s the time?

Bingo vegetables

Birthday Vocabulary

Bingo animals

Bingo actions

Bingo clothes

Modal verbs (2)

Find the verbs

Irregular verbs – past forms (from S to U)

Past tense: regular and irregular Verbs

Simple future (2)

What’s the answer? (3)

Home Object Discovery (6)

Synonyms in English (2)

Find the adjectives

Home Object Discovery (5)

Irregular verbs – past forms (from H to R)

Modal verbs

Simple future

Synonyms in English

Antonyms in English

What’s the answer? (2)

Simple Present 2

Find the nouns

Irregular verbs – past forms (from B to G)

Home Object Discovery (4)

Home Object Discovery (3)

Guess the described animal (3)

International foods

What’s the answer?

Guess the described animal (2)

Christmas Vocabulary

Christmas Trivia (A2 English Students)

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Santa Claus is Coming To Town

Present of TO HAVE (A2)

Present of TO BE (A2)

To Wear or to Eat?

Weather for the Nursery

Clothing for Nursery Children

Nursery School Vocabulary

Emotions for the Nursery

Food Vs. Clothing

Numbers for the Nursery

Fruit and Colours for the Nursery

Animals for Kindergarden

Vocabulary for 5-Year-Olds in English

Home Object Discovery (2)

School Objects Match-Up (DEFINITIONS)

School Objects Match-Up (IMAGES)

AniGram: Master the Animal Spellings!

Home Object Discovery

Were vs. Where

They / There / Their / They’re / Theirs / There’s

Subject Pronoun Vs. Object Pronoun

Guess the Described Animal

Simple Past

Present Continuous

Future Continuous

Simple Future

Interrogative Adverbs (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, Whom, Which)

Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

Irregular Plural Nouns

What’s Your Favourite?

Past Continuous

Demonstratives (this, that, these, those)

Simple Present

How Do You Spell It?

The Parts of the Car

How Much Vs. How Many

What is This?

Guess the Products From My Garden

My First 100 Words

The Months of the Year

The Body Parts

The Days of the Week

The Parts of the Face

Shopping List

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