Body Language

Let’s talk about​ body language.

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Discussion Topics

What is non-verbal communication? 

  1. What is body language? What does it include?
  2. What do we communicate to others through our body language?
  3. Does our body language always accurately communicate how we feel?
  4. Is our body language always a conscious choice? Why (not)?
  5. How do we ‘read’ other people’s body language? Why is this an important social skill?
  6. Why is it important to consider how others may perceive us from our body language/non-verbal communication?

How understanding body language can make us better communicators

  1. How often do you think about what your body language communicates to others? Would you say you are aware of your use of non-verbal communication?
  2. In what situations do you think body language is especially important e.g. a job interview. 
  3. Give some examples of different postures and what moods and levels of confidence these communicate to others e.g. armed folded versus hands on hips, slouched over versus upright posture. 
  4. Do you think you are good at ‘reading’ other people’s body language? 
  5. Would you say you are good at communicating non-verbally? If not, would you like to improve your non-verbal communication? Why (not)?